The Necessity to Safeguard Children's Rights against Media
Childhood is the best time in a human's life to learn and be trained. Whatever children learn at this age penetrates deep down in their character and nature to stay there for good. Due to this, the human-making school of Islam pays specific attention to the pre and post-birth periods. For instance, Imam Ali has said 'Training in childhood is like carving on stone.' He has also said 'Education in childhood, benefits the individual in adulthood.' Moreover, most recent findings in the domains of cognitive learning and neurology show that the most sustainable learning occurs in the early years of a person's life, in a way that children record images of the phenomena they see and hear around them to be saved for years. 
On the other hand, in the current situation of the society, a considerable portion of time of children and adolescents is spent in their being exposed to media (whether electronic, audio-visual, or written) and they actually live and grow in such an environment. Therefore, the question is 'how we can protect children's rights against media?', or 'how we can manage the flow of information to which they are exposed?', and 'how we can provide the grounds for their education based on Islamic education?'

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