Extra-Regional Players and Qatar Crisis; Goals and Approaches

Germany, the USA, the UK, France and Turkey are five extra-regional players that with the aim of mediating in Qatar crisis have sent their foreign ministers to the region respectively. At the beginning of the crisis, many political analysts assumed that Qatar lacks the required willpower and capacity for standing out against Saudi Arabia. With the passage of about two months since the beginning of the crisis and Qatar’s rejection of thirteenfold and sixfold conditions, the crisis has entered a complicated phase and extra-regional players have tried to solve or manage the crisis in accordance with their goals and interests. The mediation efforts offer no bright prospects for solution to the crisis but they have prevented it from being deepened. The aim of the following essay is to give us a clear understanding of the goals and approach of the aforementioned players concerning Qatar crisis via examining the extra-regional mediators’ diplomatic moves. Qatar’s participation in the international coalition against ISIS, its playing host to the USA biggest Middle Eastern air base, over 330 billion dollars investment in Western countries and major exports of liquid gas to Europe, are amongst the issues that pave the way for attracting the western powers to Qatar crisis.   

You may read the full version of the essay as follows here (in Persian).