Qatar Crisis and Strategic Requirements of Britain and US


  Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt on June 5 cut off their diplomatic ties with Qatar, introducing a series of trade and transportation bans against Doha. Regardless of the motives behind it, the move initiated by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, indicates a new change in the Saudi foreign policy in the region. It seems that in Saudi Arabia, policy-making based on "expediency” is gradually giving way to acting based on the logic of "power”. The emergence of such a turnabout in Saudi Arabia’s strategic thinking has pushed the country toward entanglement in its immediate surrounding. The change in US government (coming to power of Donald Trump) and Riyadh’s attempts to gain the new US president’s political support have somehow intensified this trend. This article seeks to examine the approaches of two major trans-regional players, namely the United States of America and Britain, to the ongoing developments in the Persian Gulf region and the consequences of Saudi Arabia’s power-oriented behaviors.


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