Dr Velayati: People's presence is the cause of Iran's authority

Dr Velayati, the president of the Center of Strategic Research affiliated to the Expediency Council congratulated the leader, all Iranians, world's Muslims as well as Iran's regional allies on the salient turn-out at the 12th presidential election last night (May 23, 2017) in the 21:00 live program of TV's news section and added: The most significant reason of the Islamic Republic of Iran's power and authority is its people's enthusiastic participation in various arenas like the Holy Defence, reconstructing the country as well as political affairs. The participation of over 70% of the eligible Iranians in the election in addition to the voting of Iranians in over 100 countries all through the world are implications that Iran has achieved good international records and golden standards in the region. The free political atmosphere and people's welcoming the election are signs that they still love their regime and revolution after the passage of 40 years.

Dr Velayati also said: The recent election showed that the Islamic Republic of Iran enjoys sufficient internal solidarity and thwarts any evil plan by US-backed Zionists or the reactionary regional actors.

Dr Velayati also referred to the Western experts and thinkers' admitting the existence of democracy in Iran and said: The huge turn-out of people at the polls is the main response to Iran's enemies. Iran's government will have better regional leverage with people's support and its politicians will enjoy more bargaining power.