In a meeting with Norwegian Foreign Minister Deputy

Dr. Velayati, the President of the Center of Strategic Research of the Expediency Council, stated: A road map to expand Tehran-Oslo ties must be devised.

He further added: Iran and Norway enjoy historical ties and in order to enhance the mutual cooperation and obviate the obstacles on the way, there is the need to prepare a road map.

In his meeting with Veger Strauman, the Norwegian Deputy Foreign Minister on Sunday May 7, Velayati said the bilateral ties between the two countries date back to 110 years ago which shows the historically and reciprocally valuable relations in economy whose boost requires a strong will as well as attention on the part of both countries.

He also said: Norway is an industrial country, cooperation with which can be significant. Moreover, Iran values ties with European countries especially those which have more independent policies.

Referring to the regional issues and the EU’s attitude in this regard, Velayati cited: European countries must have a clearer and more precise look at the region. There has been a crisis in Syria now for over 6 years solely due to sponsoring terrorists as well as external interference in the midst of which Iran has deployed all its capacity to thwart this current and establish peace and stability in the region.

He continued: As for Iraq, which has the longest borderline with Iran, upon the request of Iraqi state and people, we have given them our all-out support. Iran strictly opposes any measure to weaken or divide regional countries.

The CSR President added: The only solution for the current regional crisis is political; in this regard, Iran has done valuable cooperation with regional governments as well as the other states interested in peace in order to create security and stability.

The Norwegian Deputy Foreign Minister said in the meeting: During my stay in Iran, I have had good negotiations with Iranian authorities and we have entered a new phase of cooperation.

He also said: After the JPCOA (the nuclear agreement), mutual trade and relations have been expanded particularly in the fields of oil and gas.

Strauman expressed his interest in knowing about Iran’s stance toward regional matters and added: We are now witnessing an uncertain stage in the world and in this region in particular, especially regarding the fact that many displaced people have come to Europe. We also know that the regional matters are of high importance to the Iranian authorities.

In this meeting the two parties also discussed mutual ties, regional matters and international collaborations.