Islamic Republic of Iran and Qatar-Saudi Ties (in Persian)

Will Qatar be forced to change its course under the current pressures? In the current conditions, what is Iran’s main objective regarding Qatar? What is Qatar’s main demand from Iran? How can one analyze Riyadh’s main demands from Doha, namely cutting diplomatic ties with Iran and other Iran-related demands, as well as ending contact with the Muslim Brotherhood, shutting down Al Jazeera, and closing a Turkish military base, within the framework of a package?
So far, Qatar has pursued an independent policy from other members of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council, on top of them Saudi Arabia. A key component contributing to materialization of such a policy is the expansion of Qatar’s influence and sway not only in non-critical fields such as economy and European sports, but also in the region’s crisis centers. For instance, Qatar has pursued its own proxy wars in tension-hit regions of the Middle East, mainly through forming and equipping fundamentalist groups.

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