The Necessity for Organizing Pre-school Trainings (in Persian)
Importance and necessity
The educational goal in the human-making teachings of Islam, is paving the ground for humans' teachability and guidance in order to reach the 'pure life' as well as attaining the position of 'Allah' Viceroy'. Due to this, attention to education in all the stages of human growth, particularly in childhood and adolescence have been emphasized by religious elites of the last ethereal religion, in a way that Imam Ali stated: 'Education in childhood is like carving on stone.'
Human experience and research findings show that adults' lifestyles are rooted in their mental images and education method as children. Thus, educationalists all over the world have always paid special attention to education in these periods. In the recent decades and in the wake of new cognitive findings along with the advent of 'brain-oriented policies', there has been more stress on educational planning in pre-school age. Consequently, many countries have done huge investments and are starting schooling sooner than ever to make it as long as possible in order to use this golden and fateful time optimally. Studies show each dollar of investment in childhood has a return of 5 to 16 dollars.
This report describes the present situation of education at pre-school age in Iran, and puts forth effective suggestions.
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