New French Government’s Foreign Policy: Proximity to Realities

Emmanuel Macron was elected French president on May 7, 2017, and then the LREM party that supports him won a landslide victory in the June parliamentary election and secured absolute parliamentary majority. Given developments such as Donald Trump taking office in the US and his stances on reconsidering Washington’s undertakings to protect Europe’s security, Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union (Brexit), continued financial crises and economic recession in some EU countries, and wars and turmoil in the Middle East and their consequences for Europe, especially for France, including terrorism and illegal immigration in France’s neighboring countries and at the international level, observers have been wondering what direction France’s foreign policy will take under Macron. There is also a question as to what will be Macron government’s approach toward the Islamic Republic of Iran. This article seeks to provide answers to the above-mentioned questions.

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