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The general opinion is that the referendum on independence of Iraqi Kurdistan Region is
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Publish Date: 02 August 2017 - 12:34

The general opinion is that the referendum on independence of Iraqi Kurdistan Region is not merely a local issue; so they say not only it is a preface to disintegration of Iraq but also it presents a similar threat to neighbor countries. Accordingly, declaration of the date of the referendum has been followed by a massive wave of reactions at various domestic and foreign levels that still continues. The Kurdistan Regional Government has recently declared that on September 25th it is going to hold a referendum on independence in areas that are under its control. While the complicated condition of post-ISIS Iraq can provide such a historic opportunity for the Kurds, it poses big obstacles in their way too. The US and the EU have openly expressed their opposition to holding the referendum on independence in the Kurdistan Region, but despite the fact that it is said that Russians are opposed to referendum too, no sign of any explicit reaction from them has been yet seen. Meanwhile, Russia’s stance becomes important for Tehran on the one hand, due to Russia’s regional cooperation with Iran and on the other hand, because of Russia’s international status and the significance that Kurdistan's independence would acquire by Russia’s probable support of it. Consequently, the following essay, by having a look at the relationship between Russia and the Kurdistan Region, examines Russians’ probable attitude towards the referendum on independence of the Kurdistan Region.

You may read the full version of the essay as follows here (in Persian).

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